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An Espoir Worldwide Initiative

Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Arts and Management .

We create innovative, cutting-edge skill-building programs that help people learn automatically, and also bring them out of their “Unconscious Incompetence”. We develop new methodologies & technologies for this.

Our Values, Our Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Let us meet on ‘Let’s Meet’ page.

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Innovation is Not for R& D Alone

This is an interesting question. To what extent are you responsible for innovation in your company? The reality is that unless they're in research or product development, most people in organizations don't think of themselves as innovators. In fact, many managers discourage their people from inventing new ways of doing things and force to stay within established guidelines.

Business Strategies & Training Strategies

To design a result-oriented training program, write down your key success factors, and longer-term goals and strategies. Next, explain how training needs are identified and linked to these goals and plans. A clear way of presenting this is a chart that lists long-term business goals along the left side and major training initiatives  along the top, creating a matrix.

Building Self-efficacy in Executives

Bandura's (1993) social cognitive theory postulates that perceived self-efficacy affects an individual in all aspects of life. Beliefs about one's competence to successfully perform a task can affect motivation, interest, and achievement. The higher the perceived efficacy, the higher the goal aspirations people adopt and the firmer their commitment to achieving those goals.

Build self efficacy in executives.

Ensure to reinforce the ‘trained skills’

A lack of systematic and planned follow-up is the number one reason why training of any sort fails in organizations.

As much-or more-time and money need to be spent on what happens after the classes as is spent preparing and conducting the classes.

A honest answer to the following questions will help find the root cause of many training failures.

Ensure to reinforce the trained skills




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If you are passionate about grooming others to achieve success, let us work together and succeed. We offer the opportunity to work with a brand that commands leadership & trust, and to use world-class tools, technologies & products!

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Executive Excellence: Make it part of your natural reflex!

Research says, over 93% of executives miserably fail in getting the ‘whole-hearted commitment’ from their associates, peers and superiors.  “Commitment’ is the seed that grows into creativity and innovation - the only way to succeed in the market.

Surveys reveal, like teenagers expect high standards from their parents, employees expect the same from their superiors. They are intolerant of ‘average managers’. Only excellent executives pass this ‘employee-scrutiny’.

No one can ‘act’ excellence. To have a convincing personality, excellence must be seen as part of ones’ nature. Therefore, it is crucial to internalise those characteristics so that you gain employees’ and customers’ trust, and whole-hearted commitment.

What is the use of Knowledge,

if you can’t use it to get the work done?


What is the most critical success factor in executive effectiveness?

In this impatient world, even seasoned business people and professionals make instant judgments. Those executives, who can’t respond effectively on the spot are branded as ‘ineffective’, not ‘smart’ or even ‘mentally retarded’. .  


96% of CEOs say, it is the ‘ability to respond smartly at crucial moments’ - ie, the ability to demonstrate leadership, earn trust and inspire action through smart responses ‘On the Spot’!

1. Executive Excellence Simulator

2. Senior Job Interview Simulator

Executive Excellence DemonstrationsSenion Interview Simulators Demonstrations



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This Week

This Fortnight

This Month

The preparedness to achieve major improvements in response times.

Valuing the people in your workforce means committing to their well-being.

Extracting larger meaning from data to support decision making, and innovation.

Partnerships to better accomplish overall goals. Skills to build and retain partnerships.

Giving the same courses to all employees is a waste and generates frustration.

When Bill Gates decided to leave Microsoft to focus on social issues...

Erica Sebastian

It is high time we adopt learning methods that truly produce results.


Applied Personal Excellence

We are what others observe what we repeatedly do, and the way we do it. Your personal conduct has a great (or only) bearing on your effectiveness - the degree to which you can influence others to get the work done. Excellence, then, can’t be an act, but a habit.

Applied Professional Excellence

A crucial step in executive excellence is to internalise pivotal abilities of professional excellence - Customer Focus, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Data Analysis, People Management & Developing World Class Work Systems by keeping an eye on Results!

Applied Language Excellence

This is a known secret: 96 to 98% of employees don’t respect or value their manager if he/she can’t speak like a manager or carry himself /herself like a manager. No wonder, these managers fail as they don’t command trust - the only way to get the work done.

Applied language excellence Applied personal excellence Applied professional excellence







Whys & Whys

ChiefMentor 3D Executive Excellence Framework Optimally Integrates the Above Three Traits.

Learning from their own hard-ships, a 52 member global team of CEOs/CXOs/Directors realised that the current soft-skill training programs are of ‘No Use” and don’t help in the current rat-eats-rats and cats-eat-cats type of competition. They decided to innovate.

How to make it happen? In reality, most executives are ‘unconscious about their incompetence’. And, most ‘training experts’ don’t expose this or offer remedies.

Our original innovations are used by executives in 22 countries. Benefit from it!

ChiefMentor products and programs are known to transform executives into live-wire professionals that the present day competition demands for.


Will you trust a ‘Car Driving School’, that doesn’t have a car? Will you believe a ‘Swimming Instructor”, who can’t swim? Will you get satisfied with a ‘training program’ that awards ‘certification’ but won’t impart any ‘demonstrable skills’ that employers look for?     

There are thousands of ‘training programs’ on ‘Innovation’. But, seldom we see a ‘true innovation’ in ‘Training Programs’. ChiefMentor is the only exception.

Best Sellers

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ChiefMentor exposes executives’ short-comings, establishes compelling reasons to develop oneself, sets fire in their bellies, and provides factual feedbacks, that are convincing and actionable!





ChiefMentor programs/products are the only scientific way to  build true Executive Effectiveness - on the spot!

No wonder ChiefMentor is the World’s No.1 in Simulator-based Executive Training: in groups, or one-on-one.


Why bookish knowledge doesn’t work?

Why our ‘grammar scholars’ can’t speak?

How to expose ‘Unconscious Incompetence’?

Why  ‘Experiential Learning’ is so crucial?

Ingraining ‘Speaking Skills’ for professional success

Why “Content-based Instruction” methodology?

Why ‘contextual feedbacks’ only give result?

How to refine body-language?