Specimen Simulation: 1 out of 3




What You Don’t See in This Limited* Demo…

* (This is a limited Demo because, for a full demo we must install our simulator software on your computer.)

What you see here is only the impromptu questions on executive excellence. Not the whole program like capturing your verbal/non-verbal behaviour, self-peer evaluation, contextual feedbacks, etc, etc.

Senior Management Interview Simulators


This sure-fire simulator ensures that you build the ‘genuine power’ to demonstrate value in any job interview for senior management positions in any organization.

Attempt over 100 ‘real life’ professional interviews at a standard that is seen only in senior interviews - at random.

Each session follows professional flow has about 10 to 12 questions.

Your impromptu responses captured live for evaluation.

Attempt any number of times until you mastered the art & become confident!