90% can’t translate the vision & mission to strategic objectives and action plans.

80% can’t blend their domain knowledge with the sensitivities of human emotions.

92% avoid situations they don’t know how to effectively solve.

93% don’t demonstrate a customer focus in their behaviour and in employee interactions.

don’t have the ability, knowledge or guts to ask incisive questions.

88% of executives don’t command respect, build trust or inspire the team.

94% don’t come up with any original innovative idea that can save the organization.

92% underestimate the impact their words and actions have on others.

90% don’t operate or make decisions based on facts.

Brief programs on leadership, team building, listening skills etc.

Short programs time management, goal setting, creativity, problem solving etc.

General comments on video recording.

Crash-Course on English Communication Skills.

4 to 5 minutes of Mock interactions with video recording from the side.

CEOs’ Concerns About Executives’ Abilities:

‘Usual’ Solutions by

Traditional Soft-Skill Trainers:

Why do ‘Usual’ Solutions Fail to Give Results?

Executives are judged by their ‘Spontaneous Interactions’ in various complex situations. In order to succeed, it is extremely crucial for the executives to INGRAIN the following abilities.

Ability to think on one’s feet.

Ability to engage in flawless, meaningful and purposeful communication On the Spot.

Swimming is learned only by ‘Real Swimming’, not by attending ‘lectures’ on Swimming. Similarly, the above skills can be INGRAINED only by Really Engaging in Realistic Interactions - Many Many Times, until he/she mastered the art.

The Answering Reflex.

Ability to retain pleasing body-language even in anxious, tense situations.

Ability to grasp the hidden meanings of the questions As It is Asked.

Ability to convey more than one positive aspect in one answer.

It calls for Innovative Approaches/Methodologies!

Key Benefits of ChiefMentor Programs

Set the Culture pf power communication. Help use right grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation.

Positive attitude and confidence. Structure ideas sharply, and persuasively.

Ability to Motivate. Give relevant responses by identifying listeners’ interests and concerns.

Win trust through employee likeability. Fine-tune Body-language and Enhance Likeability.

Development of Strategies, & Interpretation of Data and Facts. Present with great impact.

Speaking On the Spot. Answering Reflex, Ability to think on the Spot. Questioning the answers for innovation.

Develop the power to convince others. Ability to deal with hostile situations and emotional issues.

Out-of the box thinking. Answer questions quickly and coherently. Never search for words.

ChiefMentor Builds Cutting-edge Abilities, Using Innovative Technologies

Work systems for Innovation. Structure your thoughts, by organizing them while verbally communicating.

Spread the message of Critical Thinking. Simplify complex information and condense your thoughts.

Build the culture of transforming problems to innovation in products and services.

Customer focus in all behaviours. Target your employees, customers & listeners’ core concerns.

Questions, not statements. Develop the ability, knowledge or guts to ask incisive questions.

Flesh-out ideas with memorable examples for on-spot decision making and problem solving.

Visible Confidence. Lose the fear of dealing with tough questions, objections and hostile situations.

Build a process orientation culture. Through systematic, critical thinking and communicating.